Friday, 19 February 2016

Kids TV shows that I can watch without my eyes bleeding and those that I can't!

Let's be honest, Kids TV shows evoke two reactions when we see them switched on.

1 "Oh ffs not this crap again"

2 "Oh this is OK  I can watch it without my eyes bleeding or wanting to stab myself in the ear with a pen" 

Well it does with me anyway.
Of course Kids watch too much TV these days, mainly because it is everywhere
There aren't just 4 TV channels like there was when I was a kid, when children's TV was only on before or after school (if you were lucky) Or my personal favourite time to watch kids TV, on Saturday mornings. God I mourned the loss of Going Live for such a long time. Nowadays there are channels and channels dedicated to kids TV, and its on 24 hours a day.
Thanks to Sky Plus we can also have a planner full of Operation Ouch episodes and Austin and Ally, so you never have to miss a second, and all these shows are available on tablets, Iphones, Ipads, laptops, YouTube so there's just no escaping it however much you try.

Obviously it's up to us as parents to monitor how much they watch, and what they watch, and I do try. However I'm not going to sit here and tell you my little angel is only allowed 30 minutes a day, because although that is what I always say to myself (and I do say it every single morning) It simply never happens. I also think so much pressure is put on our children at school these days, with after school clubs, homework, and with the change to the SATS it's only going to get worse, they need downtime.
Seren especially needs to unwind, she can sometimes find School difficult, so when she gets home it's her safe haven. It's where she feels she can let off steam, where she needs to relax and to be herself.
If she wants a snack and some TV time? Then that is OK with me.

Lets be honest too, it can be a godsend can't it? If you need to do some work/cook dinner/do the dishes etc and it can avert many a crisis. 
For instance if we're out for dinner and we can sense a drama brewing, such as last week when the restaurant wouldn't substitute the side order of veg with her sausage and mash with chips. God how unreasonable! And I've forgotten Lego or her drawing pad then I'm the first to whip out my phone and happily cry out 'It's OK lets put on YouTube' .

So what are the TV shows that I physically curse "Oh for f**** sake" (under my breath obvs)

Peppa Pig - does anyone like Peppa Pig? Nope didn't think so. Seren is way past Peppa now but if I hear her irritating snort I actually flinch.

Fireman Sam - Mainly because of Norman Price and his determination to burn everything down. He is constantly calling Sam away from his duties to get him out whichever mishap hes got himself into. One wonders why Sam is so invested though?

Anyway his poor Mothers nerves must be shot to pieces.

Here he is, the little shit

Make it Pop - I can't get the theme song out of my head for a start.

Three girls who seem like they shouldn't get along because they're just soooo different but guess what?They do! They form a pop band and sing and dance AND are three of the most irritating sickly sweet, bizarrely dressed teens I've ever across. Make it POP! Arrggh!!

The Next Step - Dance crew in case you hadn't guessed. All have massive dramas to overcome whilst preparing for the 'Big Showcase' or 'Big Show' Which I never get to see as I can't watch it for that long.

They all speak like Dawson from the Creek and deal with a lot of issues such as homelessness, relationship dramas, dance be honest I've no idea they fit in all that and school and still havtime for Dance Class?

Horrid Henry - I actually feel sorry for Henry his parents clearly prefer Peter and it bugs me. It's emotionally abusive if you ask me

I Was Just Kidding - I hate them and I'm not kidding. If they did those hilarious pranks on me I'd tell their parents or the school (I might be turning into a miserable old boot though)

Mr Tumble - Can't even remember the TV show he's from, he is basically a creepy clown and they gave him a kids TV show? Mind boggles! 

Baby Jake. No, just..No.

Ok TV Shows I can actually watch without my eye bleeding.

ICarly - Funny, hum along to the theme tune, will actually sit and enjoy an episode.

I also quite fancy Spencer. Hey it's OK he's a lot older than Carly!

Victorious - Again funny, songs that don't induce vomit and I can actually sit and enjoy and episode, like Tori Vega's wardrobe a lot. May have googled where her big tasseld bag is from, got no luck though

Austin and Ally - I actually made Seren pause it so I didn't miss the finale last night, may have cried a little bit too.

Operation Ouch - Twin Doctor's easy on the eye and informative what's not to like?

Dengineers - A kids den makeover show and it's quite good. Some kids are very much deserving, some not so deserving.

Shaun The Sheep- who doesn't love Shaun the Sheep!

The Regular Show - funny, little bit weird.