Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Mum who blogs? So that's new!

Mr O has been making some pretty loud noises recently about what my plans for the future might be workwise. Do you remember that bestseller I was going to write whilst I was on maternity leave? Well it hasn't actually been written yet and S is now 8 years old. Actually I tell a lie, because I have started many, many books. In fact the house is littered with hundreds of unfinished manuscripts. They are on the laptop, on the pc, scribbled in notebooks and the back of envelopes, my problem is I simply haven't finished any of them. I keep telling myself that at least one of them has the potential to be a bestseller right? 

Well until I find that bestseller and finish the damn thing I'm going to blog.

Unless there are any publishers reading this who want to skip straight to it and offer me a book deal? Only joking. Well kind of.

I know that there are already a lot of these 'Mum's who blog' out there. I have read many of them and watched a lot of vlogs, I love them. I am genuinely intrigued about what other people do every day, what they cook, what they are buying, what they are wearing and yes even what the inside of their fridge looks like. Oh who am I kidding? Especially what the inside of their fridge looks like. The majority of them are most certainly more witty, glamorous and fun than my day to day life. 

No they really are I'm not just saying that.

More than one of these blogs have made me want to burn all of my clothes and run straight into the brightly coloured comfort of Joules, some even made me rearrange my fridge, but ultimately each of them made me realise that we're all doing the best we can in this mad crazy journey of life, love and motherhood.

Mr O and little Miss O

Yes we really are this cool in real life....

So if you haven't been directed here by my Facebook page in some kind of disgruntled loyalty then here is a little bit about me.

I'm Rachel, I'm 30 (ish) years old and I have been married for the past 10 years to the very calm, patient and understanding Mr O. We have our beautiful daughter who is 9, a grumpy old cat, an atopic dog and we live in the Cheshire countryside. Between us we have a big family and our small house is always busy. I love any excuse to throw a party and I do like a theme! I'm at my happiest when the house is full with people, food, laughter and wine. Obviously.. I work part time for a major high street retailer this one and have done for the past 19 years. As you have probably gathered by now I am a frustrated writer at heart, I studied English literature at university but sadly never finished my degree. It is one of my biggest regrets in life.
I love to read and have an obsession with books, I refuse to either throw them out or give them away, which I know is crazy! I just find it hard to be parted from them, I just can't do it, they feel like old friends.

I love nothing more than spending time with my family and my friends and in no particular order..... 

Adventures, films, holidays, fun, fresh air, literature and coffee. Cooking, eating out, eating in and just food in general. Discovering new places and re discovering old places, wine, movies, a good debate and anything sci fi and zombie related. 
I'm not scared of creepy crawlies, nope none. I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth and I always have a smile on my face.
Just don't ask me to read Goodbye Mog, ride a bicycle or draw a straight line as I physically cannot do any of those things.

So that's me, and a little taste of what these blogs will be about. If you have anything you'd like to me to blog about in particular or any questions then feel free to leave a comment on here, I love a natter! And don't forget to follow me on Facebook Instagram or Twitter.




  1. Dearest Rachel,
    Any advice or blogs about handling customers, customers attitudes, customer bazaar complaints, customer queries over the carrier bag charge, or customers generally being (could use abusive language at this point) but being there normal pleasant selves, would be really fasinating to hear and enjoy reading
    Loving this too much,☺
    Danielle xxx

  2. Customer service blog on my list :)

    Thanks so much Dan Dan miss you huge amounts!!x x x

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