Thursday, 28 January 2016

Getting to know you....

So as Mark and pretty much everybody else thought I got away in the Q&A vlog with Seren far too easy, he decided to come up with his own set of questions. However due to Seren telling me her school friends had watched the last Q&A (eeeeeek) he kept it clean...well clean ish!

Again we don't have a fancy camera or video camera, we just had the mobile and it was done in one take, it could look far more professional (and I'm sure I could as well)
Oh and the dog even makes an appearence in this vlog by headbutting the door to try and get in!

Here we are. This vlog was sadly not filmed drinking cocktails, that might be fun though right?

So here it is, I really didn't want to put it up as the sound of my voice makes me cringe, I could do a lot less umming and ahhing, watching myself at the end makes me want to throw up - total drama school kid moment! and I should have tided the bookcase behind me first, but as I've been full of fluey/cold/sinus goings on the past week blogging has taken a bit of a back seat so this vlog is a bit of a cheat.
Just click on the link below to watch

Rachel x

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