Friday, 15 January 2016

A few of my favourite things!

After writing about some of the disasters we've encountered on our holidays, and discussing all of those things that irritate me , I thought it might be a nice change to have a look at some of the little things that make me happy!

It goes without saying of course but my family and my friends make me incredibly happy Especially the little person that brings so much joy (and a lot of grey hairs) to Mr O and I, S. I don't think I ever believed before she came along how much love you can have for another human being, she is everything I wished I could of been when I was younger. 
She knows exactly who she is and always has done, she is true to herself and follows her own path. She is honest, proper laugh out loud funny and has true empathy for others. She is incredibly imaginative, always thinking outside the box and loves her family dearly. She is also sensitive and can struggle socially at times which is a constant source of angst for me, but she is strong and I'm so so proud of her. 
She does however have her mothers loud mouth and fiery temperament so it really is no wonder poor Mr O has no hair. So apart from the obvious what else makes me happy? Below are a few of my all time favourite things to do. What are yours?

1. Family movie night. We pick a random night of the week choose a film, have a table stacked full of snacks and Swill sometimes make us cinema tickets too, I love it. (Especially as you can pause and rewind should someone decide their snack of choice is of the noisy variety) Of course there are times where we can't decide on a film or the film is rubbish, and the dog will get in and eat the snacks so Swill scream at the dog and everything will descend into chaos, we aren't the The Walton's but I do love our family movie nights.

2  Books. One of my favourite things to do in the entire world once I've dropped S off at school is get the bus into town and go to W H Smiths. There I will spend an indulgent amount of time choosing a book and then sit in Costa and read it. I love the smell of a new book, I love the anticipation of reading it and if it's a particularly good book I won't go to bed until I've finished it, seriously. If I somehow can't get out then I love ordering books on Amazon and get really excited about getting them in the post.I do have a kindle which was meant to save on book space, the problem is that if it's a book I've really enjoyed than I physically need to own a copy! Seriously!
I also love going into second hand bookshops too there is something about the smell of them, whenever we go on a day out I have to go in every single one we come across.
(Random fact about me I was once tested and can apparently read 782 words per minute which is apparently 210% faster than the national average.And which is probably why I get through so many books)

3. Going to the cinema. There are certain films that just have to be seen on a big screen, I especially love the trailers and I am genuinely upset if we miss them! I am a massive geek with certain film franchises too and I have to go and see them as soon as they come out.

4. Funny cat videos. No really. I can waste far too much time watching cats jump out of boxes or climb curtains on YouTube, I honestly find them really funny.

5. Throwing a party. I LOVE to throw a party! Small party with friends, nibbles and  a lot of wine, or a big 40 plus kids party. I love a theme and spend too much time on Pinterest weeping at how inadequate I am and stealing ideas. I once stayed up until the early hours soaking 40 children's party invites in tea and burning the edges with a lighter to make them look like old maps.
One of my favourite times of year is Halloween/Bonfire night/Christmas Lots of good food, being wrapped up outside with the fire going and a great excuse to decorate the house and garden.

6. 6.05pm on a Monday night. Monday mornings in our house are dreaded, it's a really early start for everyone as I have to be in work super early. Most days S is an early riser, except Mondays of course when she wants to lie in. It's always a rush, it always ends in someone shouting and crying, usually me! And I feel like I've completed the Maze Runner before I even start work. But after a long day the smile on her face as I get the car after work at 6.05pm is priceless and I look forward to it all day.

7. YouTube parties for one. Sometimes when I'm in the house on my own I like to watch YouTube music videos in the kitchen and sing/dance along. I'll think I'm pretty awesome until I catch sight of myself in the fridge.

8. Getting into a freshly made bed with the smell of clean sheets,lovely stuff.

9. Going for walk especially when its fresh and crisp outside and taking in the amazing views where we live. If its a Sunday afternoon then a tipple in the pub on the way home finishes it off nicely.

10. Comedy. I love laughing, Although it's worth noting no that I hate my laugh! A) Because I really hate my teeth, like have a serious phobia over them which is why I pout so much in photos and B) because I apparently have a filthy laugh.
TV comedy especially such as The Inbetweener's, Bottom, Alan Pattridge, Phoenix Nights, The Office, Gavin and Stacey and Fawlty Towers they all make me proper laugh out loud laugh and I never get fed up of re-watching them.

11. Planes. I am terrified of flying and spend the entire flight just waiting for turbulence. I just hate it BUT I am oddly fascinated with planes and how they work. They fly quite low above our house especially at night and I like watching them and tracking them on flight tracker to see where they are going/where they have been. I'll also watch videos of them landing in storms, wind etc.
Don't worry I'm judging myself right now too.....

12. Reading the paper with a cup of coffee I know you can do it online but it just doesn't feel the same. The only time I do that is when it's a particularly funny/Daily mail sadface article and then I have to go on to read the comments.

13. Conspiracy theories I love a good conspiracy theory. Crazier the better!

14. Watching my favourite TV show with a glass of wine and crisps = happy place

15. Having a 'who'll blink first' competition with the cat.

16. Holidays. I love the feel of the warm air on my face as I step off the plane, waking up on the first day with the excitement of knowing you are on holiday. Swimming in the sea, walking along the beach and just being together.

17. Really hot bubble baths, with a glass on wine and watching crap TV on the tablet. If Mr O is reading this I don't mean the tablet that you always warn me not to take in the bath as it's an accident waiting to happen, I mean a book honestly....

18. Friday nights when it's our weekend off! And tonight is Friday night, and it's our weekend off! Whoo hoo!

Rachel x

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