Sunday, 17 January 2016

The blog that's a vlog!

A friend of mine came up with a brilliant Q&A idea for my blog where Seren could ask me anything and I had to answer honestly! The only problem with that is that I could quite easily amend the answers if I wanted to, whereas a vlog would make sure I couldn't wriggle out of anything!The questions were a bit random and they were far tamer than I expected too I think I got off quite easily actually! Although my Mother isn't overly impressed with one of my answers and was still sulking about it this morning. However she has now decided she wants to do a no holds barred  Q&A vlog with me herself eeek I fear that may not end well! (She doesn't want me to actually film her though, she wants to be filmed from the back and can I wait until she had her hair done)
It isn't a perfect video by any means and things I have learnt from this first vlog is:

  1. Ensure the dog isn't in the kitchen when we film as I'm pretty sure you can hear him licking himself as I watched it back. Pretty gross, thanks dog.
  2. I have rather manly looking hands
  3. Get someone else to film it or find a better way to film it as its pretty shaky and my arm hurt! I also wasn't quite sure where to look 
  4. Better lighting - it's a bit dark
  5. I sound like a well spoken hamster - I hate the sound of my own voice! I was cringing watching it back
  6. Try and ensure I'm better groomed next time!
I have watched a lot of vlogs and mine is no where near as shiny, well groomed or glossy as them, it's really not - this stuffs hard! Oh well at least you know we're keeping it real.
It's just a bit of fun but I've enjoyed doing these blogs (and even this vlog) So thanks so much for all the nice messages I've received on here and my facebook page it means a lot.

The video can be watched here links to my facebook page. Don't forget to give it a like!

Rachel x

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