Sunday, 12 August 2018



I am lying in bed, having been in the deepest of sleeps, when I am suddenly woken by the loud ‘bang’ of the front door. I listen as Martin calls out to me in the darkness, and I try to open my eyes to answer him in return, but they just feel so heavy. My whole body seems to be struggling to keep up with what my mind wants it to do these days, but that’s what comes with old age I guess.
When the room finally comes into focus, I’m surprised by how dark it is, the street lamps are alight outside, and they bathe the room in a soft orange glow.
“I must have slept all day again” I think to myself with a sigh “What a waste”.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

5 Half Term Activities in and around Chester!

Half term is almost upon us, and I don't know about anybody else but it definitely feels like it's snuck up on me.
As much as Seren will enjoy nothing more than a few days of sofa slothing, and YouTube (and me too to be honest) I do find I need to plot in a few things for us to do, to avoid us both going stir crazy. We won’t be going away, and Mr O only has a couple of days off, so I want to find a few things for us to do that aren’t on our usual list of ‘go to’ activities.
So, here's what I've found to do in and around Chester that hopefully won’t  
A) won't break the bank and B) won’t lead us into the merry hell of soft play.

See you on the other side!

1.Storyhouse. WayWord Flicks.

 Pic: Storyhouse

From Monday the 19th of February to Friday the 23rd, Storyhouse will be screening some family favourite short films every afternoon starting at 4pm.
The films are being shown, on the large screen in the stunning art deco foyer, and tickets are priced at a very reasonable £5. The price includes a snack bag for the kids, a hot drink for the adults and a set of headphones to listen to the movie. Or, the adults, could always use the headphones to drown out the film and read a book instead?

The list of films can be found by following the link below, note that on Thursday the 22nd the film is a full feature length of the Lego Batman Movie.

Storyhouse are hosting lots of fun activities for kids this half term as part of the WayWord festival, including workshops, performances and even a talk with children’s illustrator Axel Scheffler!

More information can be found here

2. Yo Sushi. Sushi school for kids.

Pic: Yo Sushi.

Yo Sushi are hosting a fun filled one-hour class called ‘Mini Ninjas’.

Led by experienced chefs, kids will learn how to make three kinds of sushi, all whilst learning some fun facts along the way. The class is aimed at 5 to 12 year olds, and at the end of each lesson, not only will they be able to roll sushi like a pro, they’ll also receive their very own ‘Mini ninja’ certificate.

Both the Chester and Cheshire Oaks restaurants are holding classes, each class costs £15 per child and parents will be required to stay. To book a place click on the link below.