Thursday, 24 March 2016

What Fresh hell is the YouTube Kinder egg lady?

Now I watch a lot of vlogs don't get me wrong, hey I've even filmed  badly  a couple of my own here.
I've watched vlogs on Primark hauls, food shopping hauls, how to rearrange the inside of your fridge and how to curl your hair with hair straighteners. Something 16 views later, I'm still unable to master.
My daughter also watches videos on YouTube ( hoist judgey pants now if you wish ) of people doing all sorts of things such as building Lego, she is also obsessed with dantdm. 
Now if Minecraft wasn't already annoying enough,you know having to watch it, listen to the annoying 'click 'click' 'click' of it, and being given a daily play by play of the latest creation. I now have to be subjected to being shown YouTube videos of it; with some guy with blue hair, sitting in his chair (at home, the office? I'm not sure where you are dantdm ) playing Minecraft and then chattering away through the whole bloody thing. There are literally thousands of videos of him doing this as well, and she loves it!
I do show as much interest as I can muster for the little box men walking awkwardly through a 3D world,  a world where its OK to throw cows at each other and name people called creepers, but I just don't share the love, but to my daughter? These gamers are her heroes and they have millions of fans who feel exactly the same way.

I have found that I have to limit what she watches though, as she can become quite obsessed with it, and that's mainly because there is just no getting away from it anymore as it's everywhere! YouTube, the P.C. the tablet, books, bedding, toys, mini figure of dantdm, it's even found it's way onto my bloody phone! A blanket ban a few weeks ago to give her a bit of a break has led it to being re-introduced to a more manageable amount, but here is so much pressure put on them at school and in life in general these days so if Minecraft and these 'gamers' are her down time, if it makes her happy? then that's OK with me.
I must say dantdm you do seem very nice, and very polite, I actually don't mind the sound of your voice when you talk over the video, it doesn't grate on me and give me the urge to kill like some of them  (yes I'm looking at you Little Kelly) I find I can switch it off, a bit like white noise, and I like your cute pug puppies,

Anyway after watching one of these videos on YouTube with my daughter the other day I came across something new. It was a recommended video, I clicked on the link and well, I refer you to my blog title:

What in the fresh hell is the YouTube Kinder egg lady??!

I scorned as I watched the video of a lady, actually you don't even see a lady, you never see anything other than her perfectly smooth, manicured hands (It could even be a guy with a high pitched voice I suppose no judgement) unwrapping Kinder eggs and that's basically it! She literally unwraps Kinder Eggs, opens the chocolate, takes out the yellow egg ( did anyone else know that is meant to represent the yolk of an egg?I didn't. MIND BLOWN ) and shows you whats inside it., She puts the toys together too and has a little play with them, and that takes some patience, fair play to you YouTube Kinder egg lady because some of those little Kinder toys are a pain in the arse to put together.
I watched the whole video with a bit of a 'WTF' face, and then when it finished my daughter and I found ourselves watching one more, and another and another. We were hooked BUT WHY!!
Is it the high pitched squeak of your voice Kinder egg lady? Does it lull us into submission?Is it the colours are they putting us in some sort of trance I don't get it? I need to know what piece of plastic tat is in the next egg!! I also find myself spending far longer than is necessary wondering what you look like behind the camera.
Are you a young girl in a brightly coloured outfit with funky hair and fun shoes? or are you wearing P.J's with your hair in a messy bun, slipper socks and breakfast down your jumper, doing it whilst your waiting for the washing machine to finish?

Whoever you are YouTube Kinder egg lady you were one the highest earning YouTubers last year, (Again WTF) So good for you, You've found your niche and you're earning millions, plus millions of parents love you for keeping their children hypnotised.... I mean happy, and therefore you give the parents a bit of a break so you make them happy, I reckon you are probably a bit of a hero.

I just wonder if I filmed a vlog of myself commenting as unpack the food shopping  "Wheres the wine?You forgot bloody cat food again, why didn't you take the bag for life" How many views that would get?

Might give it a go......

Rachel x

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