Friday, 19 May 2017

The 10 Rules Of A Mums Book Club.

"For a book club to be successful, thrive and grow, it is important that certain rules and standards for behaviour are adhered to. Take some time when starting a book club to sit down and draw up a list of rules and standards of behaviour which all starting members agree upon. 
Make sure that everyone is agreed on what is acceptable behaviour within the club" Actual rules there on how to run a book club from The Reading Club. 

Gulp. So Book Clubs have rules and regulations that are all sensible and stuff? Who knew!
Well here are the rules and regulations from our book club. Every Thursday 8 pm.

1. You bring along the book obviously.

2. You also bring wine and chilli heatwave Doritos as this is a proper classy book club.

Wine, Doritos and cats! What's not to love about our book club?

3. You lie to the (only) other member about reading a couple of chapters each night before bed like a normal person, and don't admit that you actually binged read it whilst steadfastly ignoring all housework and jobs that needed doing on your only day off this week.

4. You both finish your first glass of wine and pour another.

5. You are meant to start talking about the themes within the book but get distracted with talk of playground gossip.

6. Realise half a bottle of wine is gone and decide now is a good time to crack open the Doritos. Someone feeds one to the dog. That'll be fun later.

7. Start looking online for what you will read next week but get distracted by social media.

8. Start stalking someone you once met on holiday in 1997 and absolutely S*** yourself when you relaise after 3/4 of a bottle of wine you've liked a post form 64 weeks ago.

9. Get shushed by the husband as he's trying to watch TV and your both laughing so loudly he can't hear. Send dog into living room as punishment.

10. Dog farts. Husband asks what the "Bloody hell has he been eating" The wines all gone and you both vow next that week? You'll take book club a bit more seriously.

(but you both know you won't)


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