Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Anxiety and Me

You can read thousands of blog posts about Anxiety if you search online, I know this because I've read many of them myself. They are all helpful in different ways, and to be honest I questioned what I could possibly add to them. However I wanted to write about my anxiety and my own personal experience with it.

Mainly because I don't believe we are open and honest enough with each other when it comes to mental health issues, far too many suffer in silence. That's not only a depressing and frustrating thought, it can also be fatal. How many times have you watched the news or opened a newspaper and see a story where someone has taken their own life? Where the friends, the neighbours and workmates never saw it coming. An accompanying picture runs alongside the quotes of " They saw no signs anything was wrong" and  "They always seemed so happy"  Well that's because if you have anxiety you often feel alone, like no-one else could possibly understand what your going through. You can become very detached from the world around you, are afraid to speak out. You feel scared, ashamed and too proud to ask for help.

I know this because at one time that was me.