Monday, 12 June 2017

Dear Theresa May

*warning contains swearing

Dear Theresa,

Well, you went and fucked that one up didn't you?
It's been four days since the election now - which on reflection didn't quite go the way you expected did it? And look I'll be honest, it's all getting a bit awkward now.

It feels a bit like being at a party you know you really weren't invited to, but you went along anyway. Then refuse to leave when you've got a bit drunk and shouty and start saying thing's like "Let's call another election" and "Shall we run through a field of wheat" .
At some point surely you've got to say to yourself I made the wrong call here, throw your hands up and say "This shit's all your's now Boris"
But not you T! Oh no, instead you decide to cosy up to a bunch of anti abortion, anti LGBT, climate change denying people like the DUP, in a desperate attempt to cling on to Number 10. If that's not a power trip, I don't know what is.

I mean The 'Conservative Unionist Negotiation Team' that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it. What could possibly go wrong?

What on earth did her Majesty say when you went to see her? Did she not just roll her eyes and say "Oh for fucks Theresa are you having a laugh now? Philip come in here and listen to what she want's to do now"

Bloody hell. You must really, REALLY want to be able to go fox hunting with your recently purchased ivory riding whip and mess around with the education and NHS.
 I won't get started on your cuts to police and defence.
Look, I'm not saying Corbyn has all the answers here, but I do know this. If you were at my party? I'd be the one who put's my hand on your elbow and call's you a cab

Go home Theresa, you're drunk.


"ITheresa I don't care HOW strong and steady you say you are he won't let you bring a cone of chips in the back of his cab"
*originally a facebook post to the group Theresa May's leaving drinks

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