Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Body Shaming

Dear Diana,

Last night, as I was scrolling through my phone before bed, I stumbled across the picture you posted.

I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about, the one you put on the internet for the whole world to see. A picture body shaming another woman, who just so happened to be working out in your gym. I'm not going to post that picture on my blog, because it really doesn't need sharing again. However, I'll link the article here if anyone isn't sure what i'm talking about.

You posted an apology, you claim 'body shaming' wasn’t your intention.
You didn’t mean to hurt anyone, that you aren’t a bully. With that one photograph you proved to be exactly that though, don't you see?

An apology.

You say, you were simply commenting on the fact that she was using her mobile phone whilst on the treadmill. Gym etiquette obviously means a lot to you, by being so incensed by this that you felt the need to take a photo of it and then you know, post it on the internet.

May I ask what did you use to take this picture then? If mobile phone useage ina  gy is so frowned upon? Do you have magic powers? Are you able to blink and suddenly project an image onto the world-wide web? No? 
Did you use your phone then Diana? The one you have no problem using to take gym selfies of yourself, and which therefore discredits your rather pathetic attempt at an excuse.

You know what I didn’t read in your public apology? I didn’t read any acknowledgement for what you wrote alongside the photograph. The comment about the lady’s 'love handles' and where you say she is “Probably ordering a take away” - you based that assumption on what exactly? 

You don’t seem to have an explanation, p
robably because even you must know that is inexcusable.

Yup, definitely looks like there is absolutely NO bullying or body shaming going on here...

Maybe it never crossed your mind that people would call you out on it, criticise you for it.
You might have thought your 17,000 followers would find it funny.
That went well for you, didn’t it?

For me, I simly cannot get my head around what prompted a grown woman to do such a thing. Who would take any kind of enjoyment from writing and posting such vindictive and cruel comments about another woman.

What did you get from knocking her down? Did you not stop to think of how she would feel, to be publicly humiliated like that. Did you not wonder what that might do to her self-confidence?

You see Diana, there is honestly nothing that bothers me more than body shaming. 
As a woman, as a mother to a daughter, and as someone who has had body issues herself in the past, it just repulses me. 

It is especially disappointing, and even more depressing, when it comes from another woman.

We already have it hard enough when it comes to body image.We’re criticized for being too big, being too thin, being too young, too old, too much surgery, not having had any surgery.

The list is endless.

Every time I open a magazine, or newspaper and see an already slim model or celebrity, who has been photoshopped to unrealistic proportions, I think to myself,  if they’re not good enough, then what hope is there for me!
Every time I open Instagram and see a selfie of someone with a flat tummy in their underwear. Three weeks after giving birth. And you’ve just sat down for the first time that day with a hot cuppa and a biscuit. It makes you compare and question, and feel completely shit about yourself. Plus, the constant stream of weight loss DVDS, books, diets, what we should be wearing, eating.

God it’s just exhausting.

We don’t need other women, women who should be supporting each other, raising each other up, making it even harder for us.

It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, what size we are there is always someone to come along and pick it apart. Always someone to tell us it’s not good enough. You’re proof of that.

A woman getting on the treadmill in an attempt to get fitter, feel healthier, or maybe to just get out the house and have some me time. Whatever her reasons, she should be able to do that without being knocked down for it, without the fear of someone, and another woman for that matter, publicly humiliating her.

Shame on you, Diana.

You get a true sense of someone’s inner core when you see how they treat others, and a real insight into seeing how women treat other women.

Secure, confident and happy women should not pull other women down. 

Perhaps you need to work on yourself more, rather than judging others by their appearance and gym etiquette. Just a thought. 



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