Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Dear Victoria...

Dear Victoria,

I have just finished reading an article in The Daily Mail (I know don't judge me but I like the showbiz section as I'm a bit befuzzled by the whole Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston thing at the mo)
Anyway I saw the picture you shared of you kissing your beautiful little girl on the lips and my first thought was simply "Aww how lovely" Then I read the article, I can honestly say I had no idea that kissing your child that way could evoke such strong emotions in people. Actually lets not call them people, because anyone who took the time to tweet and comment anything negative about a picture showing a Mothers love for her child are quite simply trolls.
I am a Mother to an equally beautiful (if I do say so myself) nine year old little girl. Every single morning I drop her off at the school gate and in front of Mums, Dads, Teachers and her School friends she asks for "One last kiss and hug" She can struggle sometimes socially and this is her own little 'comfort blanket' before she goes off for the day. So I give her a kiss on the lips, we hug and off she goes safe, secure and happy in the knowledge that she is loved by her Mum.
It has never ever crossed my mind for one second that anyone could find that sensual did you? And I am so angry that anyone could look at that moment between us and see anything wrong with it.
One comment underneath the Daily Mail article (The comments section is usually the best bit of The Daily Mail to be honest)  said "I still find kissing your child on the lips as weird. I don't know why, perhaps because its a sexual act between consenting adults and to kiss child that way seems..........creepy"  Yes really, You are so weird  and creepy Vic* for showing your daughter you love her by kissing her, you freak! Another went on to say it looked 'strangely sexual' What? It's a quick peck on the lips for goodness sake! I don't know about you, but if anyone looked at that special moment between my daughter and I, sharing a quick kiss and considered it being something sexual or weird then that I'm afraid lies firmly on them, they obviously have some issues that need addressing.

My Dad giving me a kiss when I was Harpers age.

I am mad on your behalf, I really am. In a world where there is so much sadness, hardships and horrors every time we open a newspaper (and I'm not talking about Tom and Taylor here obviously)  or turn on the TV, shouldn't we find joy in even the simplest of things? Especially the honest, open and heartwarming image of a Mothers love for her child.

Ignore the haters Vic, keep sharing pictures of you and your beautiful family, keep kissing them, keep showing them you love them. There is nothing on this earth more important than showing our children how much they are loved.

Take care of yourself.



P.S  Hope you don't mind me calling you Vic?
P.P.S What do you make of the Tom/Taylor thing??

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