Wednesday, 22 June 2016

You know you were a teenager in the 90's when.....

1. Friday nights were spent watching TFI Friday before you went out, or Friends if you were staying in.

2. Saturday mornings were all about kids T.V especially Live and Kicking and before that Going Live! You remember wondering if Philip Schofield had a thing for Sarah Greene and now wonder the same about Holly Whilloughby.

Oh Phil, you sly fox.

3.Sundays were mainly spent lying in bed watching the Hollyoaks omnibus or Dawsons Creek.
You always had a bit of a thing for Pacey (still do) and thought Dawson was an annoying twat (still do) but who would have thought that lovely girl who played Joey would one day marry Tom Cruise?

4. You liked Oasis or Blur but never both. Same goes for Take That or East 17.

5. You actually looked forward to watching The Brit awards as it was good and something always kicked off.

6. You could rap along word perfect to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and actually still can.

All together no "In West Philadelphia born and raised...."

7. When you went out clubbing with your mates you danced along to Tori Amos 'Gotta be Big' and 'Born Slippy' by Underworld. You didn't really know all the words but you owned that chorus!

8. You drank Bacardi breezers or Smirnoff Ice and thought you were the height of sophistication.
(even though they always gave you a funny aftertaste)

9. Perfume was CK One, Exclamation or The Body Shop White Musk/Dewberry. If you haven't sprayed so much that you're physically choking on it they you need more.

"Make a statement without saying a word" Go on admit you just sang that!

10. You watch Dangerous Minds 107 times and vow that one day you too will be a cool, inspirational kick ass teacher in a school with an obviously worrying Ofsted report. You'll wear check shirts, leather jackets and break up gang fights. All the while managing to look glamourous, menacing and smart. A bit like this..

Nailed it.

11. You were genuinely invested in the Ross and Rachel storyline in Friends, and cry when he cheats on her

No you weren't Ross you complete tosser!

12. Your Mum would only let you ring your mates or your boyfriend after 6 pm when it was cheaper, and if you didn't then she could put a lock on the phone.

Coming home and seeing this? You knew you were in trouble..

13. A fiver could get you the bus fare into town, buy you a McDonals lunch and a heavily scented lipbalm.

14. If your lipstick wasn't Rimmels Heather Shimmer I bet it was Coffee Shimmer? Lips were always lined with a lipliner from The BodyShop.

Basically if you had this look in the 90's? You were winning at life

15. If you were staying in on a Saturday night then you'd probably watch Gladiators, Lois and Clark:The New Adventures of Superman and Baywatch. You'd dream about being a lifeguard in California, and going to work in a swimsuit. If teaching at Coolios Gangsta Paradise school doesn't work out for you that is.

16. Hair was 'The Rachel' or a perm. If you weren't allowed layers OR a perm then you'd scrunch your hair with mousse and hair gel so it went rock hard, fringes were backcombed. You owned several scrunchies and used Wellas Toners and Shaders to colour your hair,and later? Sun-In which is a big mistake!

Thanks for proving my Mum right and ruining my hair for several years

17. You rock the All Saint look. You wear oversized cargo pants, a strappy vest top, and if your bra straps on show then that's totally fine especially if they are a bright colour you rebel. Kitten heels and a choker so tight your Dad worries it will strangle you? completes the look.

18. If you have a boyfriend he will wear a checked shirt like Oasis, and have a floppy curtain style haircut, like David Beckham.

19. The only jeans you wore were Bootcut style.

20. And the only watch worth having was a Baby G.

One in every colour please!

21. Davina McCall made you feel dizzy watching her bounce and run around on Streetmate.

22. You're shocked when Louise leaves Eternal but then Robbie leaves Take That and Geri leaves The Spice Girls...

23. You are genuinely a bit worried about Y2K. Your Dads mates in the pub tell you all the computers are all going to crash so you could get a loan out and never pay it back. You don't believe them though, nope, not one bit.

Happy 2000! Can you please repay the £500 overdaft you spent in TopShop and Warehouse. Thanks, The Bank.

24. You thought Joey Lawrence was going to be one of the biggest pop stars of all time!

Yup, still a bit shocked about that one to be honest...

25. You always secretly thought Rose was a bit of a bitch for not helping Jack get on that door but keep it to yourself for fear of being a social pariah.....

Could of easily moved up a bit to let him on

The 90's were pretty awesome, Sun In aside.


  1. Hahaha love it! Every point is SPOT ON, down to the Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick and Body Shop lip liner :)

    1. Ah thankyou! I loved my Heather shimmer lippie, and I wore that much of the lip liner it was practically tatooed on!