Thursday, 26 May 2016

10 Times My Life Needed A Hunger Games GIF This Week..

1.When there was a kid screaming in the supermarket, or having a meltdown in the playground and for once? That kid isn't mine! You really want to do the three fingered salute to the Mum (but you don't in case she thinks it's a bit weird)

2.  Listening to someone complain about the 5 p carrier bag charge for the 978th time that day.........

"Just buy the F***ing carrier bag,,,,"

3. When I let a group of people onto the bus before me, with no thanks.

"Yes You're welcome!"

4. After I've watched my 9 year old daughter have a meltdown over Weetabix....

5. My face when I checked my bank account 2 weeks after payday "So there should be loads left, I mean  I've spent hardly anything....oh....."


6 Trying to avoid customers as I leave the floor at the end of my shift. *

Avoid eye contact, stay focused on the door and move quickly...GO GO GO!

7. Girls night. Mark has arrived to pick me up but I've a half finished glass of wine......

"No wait! I'm not ready to leave! I'm out, with adults! There's wine"

8. My face when someone tried to tell me I was wrong, I wasn't.

"Erm say what now"

9 Me and Mark, when we thought we were winning at life.

"We got this"

10 Annnnnd when we find out that actually? Maybe we aren't....


When you realise your life is actually like a continual Hunger Games.....

* Not what I actually do in case my manager is reading!!!

Rach x

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