Saturday, 27 February 2016

7 Easy Costumes To Put Together For World Book Day!

I cannot WAIT for world book day! Said no parent. Ever.

I've done World Book Day for about 7 years now. I've listened to some pretty spectacular requests, from wanting to be a T-Rex, to being a zombie penguin. Neither one could I recall being in one of her books? Thus convincing me once and for all that they were some sort of test, to see how far you can push your Mum before she breaks.

It was the Zombie penguin for me, not going to lie.

I know you can buy some spectacular costumes, ones that will probably be thrown to the bottom of the dressing up box that night, never to be seen again. You can hand sew costumes that get mistaken to something your 7 year-old has sewn herself, and get judged by your 7 year old for going along with it. “Yes she did a good job didn’t she…”
You can stay up all night gluing and sticking, crying, swigging gin and mentally vowing to never put yourself through this again, but you will. But I decided ages ago, to just stop putting so much pressure of myself when it comes to world book day. You see I'm crap at sewing, S never wants to be a character that you can just buy a costume for - the zombie penguin being a case in point, and I really don’t want to be THAT parent on the school run. The one whose eyeing up everyone else's costume, hating yourself for being bitter about the ones that look like they have come from the BBC costume department, and hating yourself even more for being grateful when you spot someone’s that’s worse than yours! (Not that I've done that) 

All your child will really remember about world book day, is that you made the effort to make them a costume, honestly.

It might not feel that way tomorrow, if your child has changed their mind last minute, and doesn’t want to go as Cinderella anymore, now they want to be a dragon, and why didn’t you KNOW already? But they will.

SO, just in case you're struggling with a costume idea, or your child HAS changed their minds last minute, here are 6 super easy costumes you could probably throw together the night before! Honest.

1. Greg Heffley-Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Easiest costume ever. It's basically a P.E kit!  You will need:
White T-shirt
Black shorts
Black backpack.
You can even draw a picture of his head on a piece of card for them to carry around!Check out the how to video here!

Suitable for all ages

2 Tom Gates.

Again it's just a plain white t-Shirt, preferably one that you don't mind your kid drawing all over. Cos it aint going to wash off! Because you will also need….a box of sharpies! Let them go crazy with colour, just like the front of the Tom Gates books.

Black shorts or leggings for the bottom half,  and again you can even produce your own Tom Gates mask.

Suitable for all ages

3 ANY character from The Famous Five

For a boy you will need:
A pair of grey/navy/brown shorts.
Short or long sleeved shirt in white/pale blue/stripes. Whatever you have to hand.
1 pull over or cardigan
A pair of knee high socks
Ruddy reddened cheeks and a backpack are optional.

For the girls you will need
1 Summer dress - school pinafore perfect or even a plain skirt.
A shirt and either a cardigan to go over the top - an oversized one of your own? Even better.
1 pair of knee high socks.

Sinister bearded person and Timmy the shaggy dog are also optional extras.

Suitable for all ages

 4 Georges Marvellous Medicine

1 pair of jeans
A red jumper
1 wooden spoon
A couple of medicine bottles - empty ones obviously.

Suitable for all ages.
5. Gangsta Granny.

You have probably got the costume for either character lying around, black skirt, blouse and a cardigan for Granny. A walking stick and a wig would be amazing extras if you could source them last minute.
For Ben, long sleeved T-Shirt and Trousers - it really is the extras that make these costumes and the masks are easily done with card and string, and I would just use a pillow case and a good old sharpie for the swag bag!

Picture probably subject to copyright. Please don't sue me I'm poor.

6. Triss/Four The Divergent series.

The costumes for both characters are so easy as they are basically dressed all in black!
Black trousers, black top, black jacket and boots. 
In fact this could apply to any of the characters from the Divergent series, which are meant to be YA books but I loved! There couldn't be an easier costume to be honest, I've spent weeks trying to convince my daughter to go as Triss. Not happening sadly.

Again, pic probably subject to copyright laws.

7. Katniss The Hunger Games

I would have LOVED to of gone as this character!
Again, if your daughter wants to go as another kick ass, strong female character like Triss, then I suggest.
Black leggings or cargo trousers
Black long sleeved t shirt
Black Boots
Hair in a braid

Bow and arrow, complicated love life and furrowed brow optional.

Remember you can probably BUY all of these costumes but the idea really is 7 costumes you could probably throw together the night before and still look like you had World book Day sorted for ages. Well kind of.

And if all else fails then pretty much ANY fancy dress costume will do really....

Knight costume - Prince Caspian, King Arthur, The Knight from Charlie Cooks favourite book.

Princess dress - Let's face it basically any Disney story or Fairy tale.

And everyone's got a Halloween costume languishing around which can be adapted.
Pirate - Captain hook
Dracula -Well, you know Dracula!
Witch -The Witches, The Worst Witch, Room on the Broom

Oh and If your little darling hasn't actually read the book and helpfully announces this as you're ushering them inside. Loudly and proudly say "No not yet Darling but it IS on our reading list for at home this term isn't it"


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